Wet & Wild [Plus Size Bikini]

I want to start by giving a big THANK YOU to all the plus size bloggers, chicks, women whatever that are bold enough to put on a bikini and give a big “F You!” to all the people that think it’s so wrong for chunky women to be in a two piece. You inspired me!

I’ve always been obsessed with bikinis and I thought if I ever wore one, it would be matching. But I actually fell in love with the idea of a coordinating top and bottom. I found this rouched high waisted bottom at Torrid for $18 on sale! It was a steal! I paired it with a bra from Lane Bryant that I purchased during one of their amazing bra sales where I got it 50% off, so I ended spending around $25 for the bra.

Yes, you read that right–a bra. It was more than difficult to find a top specifically to go with a swimsuit, but I improvised. The fabric on this bra worked perfectly for a top! In the future, I will be checking out Victoria’s Secret, because I hear their tops are phenom! The sheer cover up is a button up from Goodwill for $3.99.

The moral of this story is–where what you wanna when it’s vacation time. No one is perfect and with a whole lot more to love, why not show it off!? 


Shoutout to my boo Patrice at LookingFlyOnADime.com for the pics!




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  1. Love the look and I too just brought my 1st bikini/fatkini! You should look at Evans.com, they have some awesome swimming bras for our plus size gems and they have underwire!!!!! Think I paid $12 after coupons and sale…just spreading the wealth in knowledge. From one frugal plus sister to another. Love the blog!

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