Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Goes Hollywood: Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J Are “Making Movies”

Earlier this week, Love & Hip Hop breakout star, Joseline Hernandez tweeted this:

Nevermind the fact that Joseline claims to be done with Stevie J, let’s talk about this movie. Hernandez’s acting skills are on 100,000 trillion. Every week she lights up the screen with her aggressive presence and solid gold one-liners, so seeing this unlikely star emerge as a actress would not only fill my comedic quota for the year, but it’s sure to be…ratchet.
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There’s no telling what kind of movie these reality stars have in mind, so I’ll help them out a little with movie titles for each genre of film.
Check out this list of movie genres, titles and movie posters, straight from Joseline’s Twitter feed below!

Action: A Shot To Mimi’s Head

Joseline Hernandez with a gun

Romantic Comedy: “Never Gonna Give Him Up”

Joseline and Stevie J

Musical: “In The Studio”

Joseline and Stevie J Flier

Gangster: “Stand By Your Man”

Joseline standing over stevie j

Adult: “I’m Ready Daddy”

joseline bent over

Comedy: “Did You Ever Really Love Me Stebie?”

Silent: “Never Going Back To The Strip Club”

joseline in a black hat

Thriller: “The Stick That Binds”

Joseline and Stevie

Horror: “Creepy Crawlers From The Strip Club”

Joseline crawling

Tyler Perry Presents: “A Family That Does Questionable Things Together…Stays Together”

joseline, stevie j and son

Documentary: “Ms. Joseline: Boss B*tch”

joseline in red shoes

Sci-Fi: “Red Hair Wanderer”

joseline bikini

Would you watch a movie starring Joseline and Stevie J? I know I would!

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