Baby Momma Drama: 11 Women That Could Possibly Be Stevie J’s Baby Momma [PHOTOS]

mimi-punches- stevie jStevie J has become a household name with a face that sends chills down your spine. The same isn’t true for everyone because somehow, the King of Creep managed to get four different women pregnant. And it doesn’t stop there–Mimi’s still so in love with him that she’s still willing to fight for him and Joseline, well, she’s not going anywhere. According to this exclusive interview, she’s “part of the family too.”
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In the interview, Stevie J opened up about his multiple baby mommas and how he maintains a successful relationship with all of them. Oh Stevie J and his powerful sperm. Why ladies?! Why would you let this man impregnate you?
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When asked how does he handle having four baby’s mothers, Stevie J. stated:

“I can take care of it situation by situation. Just to be there for them, always being friends with them, communication, dealing with the children on all levels. you have to be dialed in.”

We couldn’t just leave this story alone. So after some careful consideration, we created a list of women that just might be in Stevie J’s harem of baby mommas. PS–This is all in laughter and good fun. Not to be taken seriously!

k. michelleK. Michelle


Toya WrightToya



Christina Milian

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson



Lauren London

Lauryn Hill

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