The Awkward Black Girl Interviews Herself: “B*tches Be Biting” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Not everyone has what it takes to be smooth–you know that effortless cool that a few lucky folks can pull off so well that it seems as if they walk around with their own jazzy theme music. Word to Issa Rae–the creator of “The Misadventures Of The Awkward Black Girl,” which is an award-winning webseries based on an awkward black girl named J (who is played by Issa Rae) who is, simply put, black and awkward.


Issa Rae had no idea that she was creating a series that would speak to so many people, awkward or not, black or not, we get J. We root for J and we all sit impatiently at the edge of our seats for the latest episode. We caught up with Issa Rae (and J) in the midst of her filming season two and we had the unique opportunity to allow Issa Rae to interview her awkward character, J. It is as hilarious as you would imagine from the knee-slappingly funny Issa Rae. She chats with J about everything from a potential rap career (oh yes, she drops a hot 16), her first awkward moment, her opinion on Gabby Douglas’ critics and more!




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