22 Things Gabby Douglas Has Been Doing Since The Olympics [PHOTOS]

Gabby Douglas has been a busy young lady after the Olympics ended a few days ago. She’s been everywhere from Oprah’s studios to back home in Virginia Beach, enjoying her new life that she gets to view through rose golden-colored glasses.

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Check out the 22 things that Gabby’s been up to since her golden glory at this year’s Olympics!

Gabby Douglas with Lauren Scruggs

She met fancy supermodels like Lauren Scruggs

Gabby Douglas with makeup onShe put on a fresh face (have anything to say critics?)

Gabby Douglas with sunglasses onShe put on sunglasses (she needed something to block out the haters!)

Lolo Jones flippingShe inspired Lolo Jones

fab 5 with evan lysacekShe ran into fellow gold medalist (Evan Lysacek)

gabby douglas stay at the beverly wilshireShe counted sheep before she fell asleep at a swanky hotel

the fab 5 with nicki mShe hung out with Nicki Minaj

gabby lettermanShe stopped to smell the roses

Ted Gibson with GabbyShe silenced her hair critics with a celebrity hair makeover

She kept it cute

She hugged Nick Cannon

She partied or posed like a rockstar (Karmin)

She found out America’s really got talent

She found out she was shorter than most

She waved at you

She gave the folks in her hometown (VA) two thumbs up

She traveled around her hometown like a boss

She hoarded flowers & balloons

She partied with Lashawn Merritt

She spent time with her BFF

She enjoyed a beach day with her siblings

She promoted peace

Have you been keeping up with Gabby Douglas?

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