3 Things Ciara’s Done Instead Of Putting Out Her Single “Sorry” On 8/20 [PHOTOS]

Celebrities connecting to fans via social media has changed the way we consume everything about them–from music to photos to personal facts. We feel like we’re directly linked to our favorite entertainers and that’s not always a good thing. Especially when they tweet photos and tease us about releasing music on specific days. Ciara promised that she was releasing her single, “Sorry” on 8/20/2012. Today is the 23rd. I haven’t seen nor heard the new single. Have you?
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Sure she released the artwork for the single, but where’s the song? I ran over to her Twitter to check to see if maybe I missed a tweet or at least an explanation as to why the single is delayed. I didn’t find the song, but I did see a few photos that are the reasons behind Ciara’s “Sorry” delay. Maybe you should tell your fans sorry, Ciara.
Check out what Ciara’s been up to instead of releasing her single.
ciara's back

She brought sexy back

ciara fanShe retweeted a fan’s dedication to her greatness

She put out the single’s cover art

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