Life After Oprah: 31 Contradictory Flavors Of Rihanna [PHOTOS]

rihanna and oprah barabdosMost of us fell in love with Rihanna all over again after she appeared on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ as an honest and vulnerable girl next door, as opposed to the wild child rocker who appears in the blogs. Oprah didn’t paint Rihanna as a saint, but she did have a way of making us view our favorite ‘good girl gone bad’ in a whole new light.
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However, you can leave it to Rihanna to turn out that light every now and again, by returning to her smoke blowing, f*ck you screaming, bad-gal ways. Check out how Rihanna’s been living on both sides recently–posting everything from inspirational Bible quotes to expletive-laced jewelry, since her sit-down with Oprah through her latest Instagram photos.

1. She gets inspirational

2. She reminded you to live

Rihanna manicure3. She found the sexiest way to show off her reverse mani

4. She gave you the finger for not voting for her for the VMA’s

rihanna's friend5. She found the sexiest way to show off her best friend

Rihanna's best friend Melissa6. She showed off her photography skills

Rihanna smoking7. She puffed and probably didn’t pass

8. She gave God control

9. She told us how she really felt

10. She sent a subliminal

11. She showed her dedication to discipline

12. She stripped…herself of color

13. She spent time with Bob Marley

14. She shows more faith

15. She sleeps in

16. She chose excellence

17. She controlled her mouth

18. She appreciated art

19. She showed off her artistic skills

20. She learned to control her mood

21. She told men how to treat women

22. She made you say, “Awww, I want one!”

23. She quoted Kid Cudi

24. She made sure her Navy voted

25. She got the President’s vote

26. She got rid of hindrances

27. She asked for more votes (she should win with all the asking by now)

28. She loved her critics

29. She looked down on you

30. She cleaned it up a bit

31. She partied with her dad

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