‘R&B Divas’ Spoof: “Faith Evans” Wants To Be The Lead Singer [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

R&B songstresses Keke Wyatt, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Nicci Gilbert and Monifah Carter make up the dynamic cast of the new reality show, ‘R&B Divas‘ on TV One. Each one of these women have had their trials and triumphs in the music industry and now we get to watch them as they continue to fight for their rightful places at the top of the charts. This show gives us an answer to the question, “What ever happened to…” The show digs into the issues of drugs, sexuality, marriage and more from the lives of each songbird. I had the unique opportunity to interview Antonique Smith (who played Faith in “Notorious”), so naturally I wanted to her to play Faith in our ‘R&B Divas’ spoof. She kindly obliged, so I gathered up a few women from the office to complete the cast and the result was hilarious!

Watch a few of the women of Interactive One and Antonique Smith spoof one of our favorite shows, “R&B Divas” here!

Watch the REAL ‘R&B Divas’ Mondays on TV One at 10pm EST!

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