8 Things Kim Kardashian Thinks “DNC” Stands For [PHOTOS]

Last night, while most of us sat in awe of the amazingness that is Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention aka the DNC, Kim Kardashian was busy doing…well, whatever it is that she does. I don’t know–Kanye West maybe? Either way, as the tweets poured in of celebrities and average Joes gushing over our First Lady, Kim tweeted:

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Many people reacted negatively, claiming that Kimmie will be appearing at Lord & Taylor for Fashion’s Night Out on the same night (which she can easily jet set from one place to the next) and asking the spotlight loving starlet to just “go away already.” There were a few supporters, expressing their love for Kim. I was one of those “go away already” people and part of me thought she might not know what “DNC” means. I think Kim just heard “after party” and “club” and agreed to show her face.
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Here’s a few ideas as to what Kim K may have thought “DNC” stood for:
Kim K's shoes

1. Daring New Color

Kim K's Text
2.Dumb Nail Chats
kim kardashian in black and white
3. Do Not Cheese

4. Decent New Covers
Kim with Kourtney
5. Do Not Care (how bloated Kourtney looks)
Kiim K's nails
6. Dark Nail Color
Kim K before and after makeup
7. Diva Needs Concealer
Kim K's chanel bag
8. Decadent New Chanel

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