7 President Obama Lyrical Endorsements Nicki Minaj Should See

It’s no secret that President Barack Obama listens to hip-hop. Besides a blossoming friendship with hip-hop giant Jay-Z, he’s also recently said in an interview that he and the First Lady have some hip-hop on their iPods.
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Despite Nicki Minaj’s recent Mitt Romney-supporting lyrics, President Obama has a stronghold with some of hip-hop’s biggest stars. The POTUS waved off the shots Nicki fired on one of the many characters the Young Money darling likes to channel and wasn’t offended by the lyrics. And why should he be? There’s more than enough rappers that support President Obama.
Check out seven of the best Obama-supporting lyrics below:

1. “It’s Ms. No More Drama and Barack Obama of rhymers/Feel honored.”
-“You’re All Welcome” Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige
2. “Did you ever think you’d see a white rapper endorse a black president.”
-“Ignite The People (Like Obama)” 6th Sense
3. “Standing in front of the judge with no honor/My raps unite the people like Obama.”
-“The People” Common
4. “It’s time for a change and the change is Obama.”
“Letter To Obama” Joell Ortiz ft. Dante Hawkins
5. “Vote Obama in and I promise you won’t turn back.”
-“Barack Obama A Milli Remix” Lil Wayne
6. “On the positive side, I think Obama provides hope and challenges the minds of all races and color to erase the hate.”
-“Mr. President” Nas
7. “Critics say we can’t, but Barack says we can.”

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