3 Questions About Zoe Saldana’s Nina Simone Photos

From petitions to disdain from Nina Simone’s daughter, Simone, Zoe Saldana has had zero support in her latest role as the troubled jazz singer in the Cynthia Mort-directed biopic, simply named, “Nina.”
Indie Wire posted photos of Saldana in her “Nina Simone face” and there isn’t much that we can tell from the photos, but I already know the photos will cause an uproar.
Before we even spotted the photos, Black Twitter, blogs and more criticized Saldana for landing the role. From complaints that she wasn’t dark enough to attacking her skills as an actress.
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In all fairness, no one knows where exactly the makeup team was in their process when the photos were taken. But I’m still left with so many questions. Want to hear them? Here they go!

1. Will Zoe be any darker than the photos show?
2. If they go any darker, will it look too much like blackface?
3. Why didn’t they just use an actress that they didn’t need to use prosthetics on?

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