Show Off Your Personal Style & Win A VIP Trip To Essence Music Festival!


Beyonce is headlining the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this year. I think that’s about all you need to know to know that you need to be there! Can’t figure out a way to make it there? Don’t worry! I’ve got your back! Essence has teamed up with State Farm to offer up a FREE TRIP TO ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013! Yes, you read that right–a FREE TRIP TO ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL! All you have to do is share your most stylist moments and share them on all your social media accounts with the hashtag #StateOfStyle! You have until Wednesday June 12th, so get off your fashionable butt and get to posing and posting!

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State Farm and ESSENCE want to see your online and Instagram photo upload entries showcasing your own personal style to win a trip to the ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans this July! All you have to do is share your fashionable pics from Instagram and link them to your Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #StateOfStyle for a chance to win a VIP trip to the 2013 Essence Music Festival!

Check out some of my #StateOfStyle moment from last year’s Essence Music Festival!   Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.20.00 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.23.46 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.23.06 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.22.01 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.21.34 PM   Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.21.08 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.20.27 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.19.23 PM

For more information about the STATE of Style Contest, be sure to visit

Now what are you waiting for! Get out there, get cute, snap some pics & I’ll see you in New Orleans for Beyonce, I mean…Essence Music Festival! This contest ends on June 12th, so happy posting!


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