Solange Taught Me: Mixing Prints Scares Me, But Thanks To My Style Icon, I Conquered It

stripesI love stripes! I never noticed until I looked in my closet and saw countless striped pieces littering my blazers, pants, shorts, tops and more. There are certain pieces that I come across at Forever 21 + that I know I need to snatch as soon as I see it because it’s going to fly off the shelf. These striped pants were one of those things. I already have them in Black & White (post to come) and I saw them in this light teal color and I hurried to the register with them in tow.

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stripes-2Then, they sat in my closet for the better part of three months. I couldn’t decide what to wear with them. The first day I wore them, I paired them with a canary yellow button up. I loved the color combo, but I wasn’t pleased with the actual outfit.

It wasn’t until I was doing laundry and threw a few pieces on my bed that I noticed the coordination of this chiffon, paint-splattered looking top that I noticed how awesome it looked together.

Solange is one of my favorite style stars and she’s known for her incredible eye for mixing prints. I lust after her style and always wish I could put together outfits like she does. When these two prints came together in such seamless harmony, I knew I had my chance!

stripes-3I paired my $24.80 Forever 21 + skinny striped jeans with one of my favorite Rainbow buys–this colorful top that looks like a floral print, but it’s really splattered colors. It only set me back $5. I finished the looks with a simple white and silver small wedged sandal from Avenue for $30.

I am still learning how to properly mix prints. If you do it well, please link me below in the comments. I’d love to see your Solange-inspired style!


How do you mix prints?

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