Sheer Boldness: I’m Not Afraid To Wear The Things I “Shouldn’t”

 photo 5

I don’t believe in following rules with fashion. And lately, it seems there’s been more big girls breaking all the rules too! Crop tops? Love ’em! Sheer any and everything? Yes please! Mini skirts? Are you kidding–I love my legs!

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photo 1Which is why I had no problem combining them all in one outfit. I love my lime green mini from Forever 21+. It was only about $7. However, I hardly wear it. I chose to break it out for this year’s Essence Festival and paired it with another Forever 21+ fave–my sheer black broom skirt.

photo 2

I topped the outfit, literally, with a crop top from Goodwill by way of Target. It only set me back $3!

photo 3 Even though I don’t mind breaking the rules and showing some skin, I can’t allow myself to look sloppy or not put together. Even though my outfit is risque, I’d like to think that I’m not letting it all hang out. There’s levels to this ish. 😉

How do you show off your beautiful skin? Let’s chat!


PS–Nawlins was amazing! Oh hey @GorgeousInGrey!

photo 2 photo 1

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