To The Max: I Found The Perfect Maxi Dress For Tall Girls, Thanks Eshakti!

eshakti-maxi-1Tall girls and maxi dresses are a surprisingly amazing team. There’s something about a floor-length dress and legs for days that just works. As a woman who stands 5’11, I’m often faced with the challenge of maxi dresses not making it all the way down to my ankles the way they should. I’ve always been obsessed with maxi dresses, but could never find one of the proper length, until I found eShakti.


eShakti is an online retailer of women’s fashion clothing offering a unique customer benefit: customization of size and even style delivering unparalleled fit at affordable prices. eShakti’s styles are distinctive – uniquely classic and evocative of the past with feminine details and dressmaker finishes for a modern customer. Styles come in a wide array of fabrics and colors in sizes 0 through 26. dress-2

What I love most about eShakti is that fact that they empower women to choose the fit, color, size and styles that suit them. Their custom capabilities allow shoppers to tailor any item to their specific tastes such as changing neckline, sleeve or hem, or tweaking the measurements to ensure a flattering fit–all for under $8. The site is extremely user-friendly as it allows for ordering custom clothes is almost as easy as ordering off-the-rack clothes. You don’t have to custom every purchase on eShakti; they still sell off-the-rack styles.

That’s not all eShakti offers! There’s a community of women on the site who share their purchases, write blogs and interact with the good people at eShakti. What other site boasts that type of customer service and satisfaction?!

You do have to wait a bit longer to receive your customized piece, but what’s two weeks for a tailored fit? Get your own fit-like-a-glove piece from eShakti!

Check out the dress in action with Morris Chestnut!

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