BLUE MAGIC: I Can Make $7 Look Like A Million Bucks

photo 3

I love going thrifting when I travel, especially when it’s back home in North Carolina. I find the most gems there. Like this blue dress. It was a few dresses down from one just like it in teal, so of course I got both for $7 each. It’s so soft and comfy. So I kept it simple with a little sass. Don’t you just love that graffiti? I spotted it in the LES.

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I love the way I am inspired everyday living in NYC. This is the city of my dreams and sometimes I can’t believe that I even live here. It’s been 7 years and I’m hooked. It hasn’t been an easy road and there’s still some tough times, but I wouldn’t trade NYC raising me during my 20’s for anything. I’m truly living my dreams. It’s surreal to even say. I’m so grateful.

Please take it from someone who comes from limited means and a broken home, following your dreams doesn’t take much. Sure you need a little cash, but that’s not the most important component. You need bravery and perseverance. It will happen. Believe it will.


I paired this beautiful blue dress with a pair of brown sandals from Avenue for $28.50 (?). The dress came with a blue belt, but I wanted the waist to really pop, so I added a gold belt I bought on Fulton St. in Brooklyn. And who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?! Usually during the work week, I’m carrying containers for lunch, makeup, water and everything else a woman needs, so I try to use larger bags that are cute and functional. This leopard one I scored at Avenue for about $5!

photo 5Remember…LIVE YOUR DREAM!

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