Rose Stems: What To Wear With Colored Tights


It is no surprise to you that I love color!  I remember when I used to work at Macy’s and there was a dress code of all black. Needless to say, I never paid attention to that. Expressing myself through color has become a part of my style aesthetic. I love the colored tights, but I have to be honest, most of the time I wear them, I feel juvenile. I’ve ever tried it with a more muted color palette, but it seems out of place. leopard-3

So I gave it another try, with color. I found these coral tights at Forever 21 for $6.80. I paired them with a leopard top from Forever 21 for about $7 on clearance. The shirt has the same color in it, but it also has some purples and yellow.


leopard-stoopMy skater skirt from Forever 21 has become one of my most favorite pieces. It’s so versatile in style and season. I paid $10 for it. I love basics that pay for themselves over and over again.



I finished off the look with a rich purple blazer I thrifted in Goodwill.I believe it set me back about $6. I found the belt at Rainbow and decided to give it a try. It’s something a bit different than I usually go for, but I loved the spikes to add texture to my outfit. I love when accessories add texture to my ensemble. My booties are from Avenue from about four years ago. I love booties more than long boots? boots with the shaft? calf boots? Whatever you call them. I’m always on the hunt for a good bootie!

leopard-parkHow do you wear your colored tights?

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  1. you look great!

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