Haute Halloween: How To Dress Up Like ‘Hilary Banks’ Of ‘Fresh Prince’ For Halloween

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 9.23.47 AMThis Halloween, I left my costume up to the last minute gods. A company had sent me a “Flo” from Progressive costume and I was going to settle with that. I even got up that morning ready to put that costume on to wear to work. And then I realized that I wasn’t built to be “common.” Hear me out, Flo’s costume consisted of white pants, a white polo, navy Converse sneakers, a horrible brunette wig, a Progressive apron, a Flo nametag and a button that claimed, “I ❤ Insurance.” Adorable, but it was way too plain for me. So I started thinking and looking through my rolling rack and I noticed a plethora of 90s-looking threads. Then a lightbulb went off–Hilary Banks! halloween

I knew that if I put on a thrifted (from Goodwill) oversized blazer with 90s elements with something simple like a top from H&M for $5.95 and a skirt from Forever 21 for $7.95, that I could get the look. Then I remembered a hat I picked up from Housing Works Buy The Bag Sale. I also remember saying to Patrice from Looking Fly On A Dime that I should take the hat and be Hilary for Halloween. At this point it was summer, so I’d forgotten, until I glanced up and spotted the hat again. BINGO!

halloween-2What’s funny about the costume is that it’s actually something I’d wear. My friends joked that I was basically me with a hat on. They were right. LOL

hallloween-3I love a Halloween costume that is equally as chic as it is make-believe. Every year, I think I will continue this tradition. What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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