Act Like A Lady, Dress Like A Bird: My Pretty Printed Peacock Dress


This is by far one of my favorite thrift store scores. My peacock dress called to me beyond the racks at Goodwill in my hometown of Rocky Mount, NC. I swear, the Goodwill that I frequent when I am home, has the best dresses. I raid the dress rack each and every time and I always come up with gold. This dress set me back $4.59–not a penny more, not a penny less.

Because of this dress’ amazing peacock colors and aesthetic, it didn’t take much to dress it up. So I added a teal waistbelt and that was it on accessories. I love the detail of the dress, so I just let the peacock show its colors. I completed the look with black Kushy Foot tights from the drug store for $8.99 and black booties from Payless on sale for $26.

Another great quality is that this dress has pockets! There’s nothing like a dress with pockets! This is one of my favorite dresses for the winter.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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