21 Reasons Every Plus Size Girl Should Try A Forever21 Fatkini

Ok, so we all know that I am a thrift store whore, but certain things I don’t believe in thrifting and swimsuits is on that list. There’s something I don’t trust about that–could be my raw vajay going where someone else’s has been. I don’t want it.

So I don’t mind shopping for my swimsuits from some of my fave places. There’s so many places that have plus size swimsuits that are not oversized swim dresses and baggy tankinis. Forever 21 has amazing swimsuits and even the ever-loved “fatkini.” Forgive me, but I love the word and embrace is 100%.

I’ll be honest, the solid color ones don’t look the best on girls with a little extra fluff, like myself. I always say go for the print. They mask better and for some reason, the bottoms support more. While most of the tops don’t have underwire, they are surprisingly supportive. I suggest trying the convertible ones that you can make into a halters for optimum support.

I recently went on vacation to St. Maarten, St. Thomas and the Bahamas and while in St. Maarten, I fell all the way in love with my latest fatkini from Forever 21. From the ruffles, to the bright floral pattern, I felt like a pinup, so of course I had to keep posing for the camera.

Check out my fave 21 shots from my mini photo shoot and 21 reasons why ever plus size woman should try a fatkini at least once and here’s why:

 (Click the photos to enlarge)


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  1. Looking good 😉🙌

  2. You are one truely beautiful woman 🙂
    I wish one day I have the strength to love my curves as you do.
    You are a inspiration missy and look hawt in that fatkini ♥ 😉

  3. Reblogged this on The Fat Word and commented:
    What did I say? Forever 21 got the fatkini RIGHT, dammit.
    Mad props to Rhapsodani for flaunting her dope curves in action.

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