That Time I Looked Jennifer Lopez Directly In The Eyes & Asked Her About Her Big Booty [EXCLUSIVE]

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Caress asked me to be an ambassador to their brand and as a loyal Caress user, I couldn’t refuse. Plus, they asked me to come with them and one there fabulous Beauty Editor from Beauty High, Augusta Falletta to Miami for the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, where Jennifer Lopez would be headlining. How could I possibly refuse that?

After about six years working red carpets, you learn a lot of things. One of those things is that the largest talent either doesn’t show up for the carpet, they’re super late, or they just take photos and don’t talk to the press. I assumed that J. Lo would be at least one of these. She was, but she was the best possible choice–delayed in getting on the carpet.

But when she arrived, she didn’t disappoint. Jennifer was stunning, endearing and just fierce! When she was asked about her music, J. Lo said:

“I think I’ve just grown up. My first eight or nine albums were just about love in a certain way. Kind of like, ‘I’m in love! I want to be in love! Where’s true love?’ and all that stuff. All of a sudden, because of the things I’ve been through in the past, and then my last album in 2010 was called ‘Love?’ I was questioning love, and I think it’s because of the birth of my children that I really started seeing love in a different way. I had to start looking at myself, as well, and what I wanted to teach them, and I think I’ve just gotten stronger. That’s reflected on this album in so many different ways, musically, lyrically, and emotionally.”

I listened intently as she spoke to the journalist beside me. Suddenly, it was my turn. Her PR already briefed us and told us to stay focused on her music. I knew I’d be able to come up with something, but it didn’t come out until she was right in front of me. So I asked…

photo 5Danielle Young: So, you have a song named, “Big Booty,” and it’s obvious that you have one. How did you embrace your curves, especially in Hollywood, where the standards are soooo skinny?

Jennifer Lopez:  It’s so funny because when I first started out, it was a big deal and I had a manager who told me, “You have to lose weight,You’re too big. Your butt’s too big.” So, it’s funny now that I have a song called “Big Booty” that’s so celebrated now. I think is a big deal for women because you should be proud of who you are and not conform to what everybody else thinks is perfect because there’s no perfect. Everyone is beautiful.

DY: Speaking of beautiful…you always are. Your makeup is flawless and I know many young women who would want to look like you. Are there any plans for a makeup line?

JL: It’s been talked about a lot. Skin care and makeup. Maybe. I’m always looking for great opportunities that help make women’s lives better where I can share my secrets and the things I’ve learned over the years. I always like when someone helps me on the side. We’ll see, there’s no immediate plans right now.

OMG! I got to chat with J.Lo! I have a small secret list of people who I want to meet/interview. Jennifer Lopez is definitely one of those people. I can’t even believe my life sometimes. I am so blessed with the opportunities that I am presented with. I can’t wait to see what else this already amazing year has to bring!

For Awesome Pics From My Weekend In Miami:

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