I Am A Stand Up Comedian! [VIDEO]

I set a goal and made it happen. I didn’t even know I wanted to get into comedy. In January, I joined a transformational life work program called Momentum Education. Because of the work done through the last 10 months or so in and out of various classes in the program, I’ve uncovered things about myself that I never knew existed.

A little background info on Momentum: it’s a transformational life work program that helps you understand how you show up in the world with power, urgency and clarity for your vision in the world. It helps your find your purpose and inspires you to shift the planet. In each course, you get powerful tools that will help shape you into the best version of yourself. Everyone deserves this education.

In one of the courses, I discovered that I wanted to give comedy a shot, so I took a stand up comedy writing class. I did something I’d never done before, I used Go Fund Me to crowdsource the funds and was shocked that it took me a few short weeks to get the financial support I needed in order to take a 10-week comedy course where the graduation was a stand up performance at one of New York City’s hottest comedy clubs. That is what you’re witnessing in the video above.

Since that video, I’ve performed stand up in front of an audience seven more times. I want to keep doing this. One of my mentors in my head/professional acquaintances, Chloe Hilliard shares a similar career ark as me. Chloe started out a journalist and decided to pursue her interest in stand up comedy. She’s been on “Last Comic Standing,” tour and has performed in so many shows…everywhere. While I have no clue if my comedy career will take me to the same place or even where it will take me, but I do know that my comedy will take me…somewhere.

I’ve learned that clarity is key, so as I’m on this funny little journey, I’ll be looking for clarity in what my steps are. I’m listening God.

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