#DaniTravels: I Twerked On A Catamaran; Made Jamaican Men Fall In Love/Lust & More [VIDEO]

Strength of Nature, one of the largest Black hair care companies in the U.S. invited myself and a lot of my beauty & lifestyle blogger & editor buddies to Jamaica for some obvious Instagram envy and to showcase a revamped version of Soft & Beautiful Botanicals. Check out that recap here.

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Luckily this trip allowed us to mix business with pleasure. I was voted “Most Turnt” by my fellow editor, Janee Bolden and I gladly wore the title. After being stuck on the plane that was supposed to leave New York City at 8:47 for what felt like forever, we finally managed to fly out at 4 p.m. The crew that was on my flight were completely over it, myself included. But it was something about landing in 85 degree Jamaica that changed my entire attitude.

The rest of the group was having dinner on the beach, so we joined them. Most of us decided not to change and just rock out in our travel clothes. Dinner was lovely, but then something happened. They ran out of food! So as I sat there, watching everyone eat and head off to bed for the night, I pouted…a lot. I ended up storming off to my room to order room service. Oh the agony!

But when I got to my room, my phone wasn’t working. Classic. So I stomped downstairs, like a baby and ran into the fabulous women from Finn Partners, the PR company that represents Strength of Nature and Jamaica’s Board of Tourism–aka the entire reason we were on the trip in the first place. They were very accommodating to the point of doting over me and insisted I come with them to the pub (that was still open) at the Royalton White Sands Resort and grab a bite and a drink. How could I say no?

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As soon as I sat at the bar, I heard it–the sweet sounds of horrible, off-key singing. Karaoke! I am in love with karaoke! Immediately, I run outside to where people were singing and I signed up. The ladies from Finn Partners had since slipped off into the night and there I was, with literally four drunk folks singing country classics. I sang “No Diggity,” by Blackstreet, “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse and the list goes on. In fact, Charlene Dance (Strength of Nature Global Marketing Director) told me the next morning that she heard me singing all night as if I didn’t just spend my entire day on a plane.

I guess that’s what the “Most Turnt” would do–forget all about fatigue and keep the party going! That’s what I proceeded to do the entire weekend. The time nor the place mattered–all I knew is that I was in Jamaica to let loose!

On the last night, I practically had to beg some of the girls to come out with me. Strength of Nature’s Social Media Manager, Melanie Martin decided to give into peer pressure and come out with me, along with my girl Candace AmosTaren GuyMimi Johnson, Jacqueline YatesLexi Felder and Brande Victorian. We had a drunken and sweaty blast! Note to self: don’t wear chiffon to a Jamaican club. Evidently Margaritaville is the place to be in Jamaica on a Saturday night. Who knew something so commercial would be a spot for locals to mingle with tourists–and by mingle, I mean grind up on each other like we’re in a Beyonce video.

Speaking of video–I put one together from all the awesome footage I shot while in Jamaica. From learning Patois, to tweaking on a catamaran and having many Jamaican men fall in love/lust with me, my time in Jamaica was one for the books…or the vlogs. Check it out!


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