All The Types Of Women Who Celebrated ‘National Moscato Day’ In NeNe Leakes GIFs

Saturday, May 9th marked the day every chick who loves to drink, but would prefer it taste more like juice than liquor, will be celebrating. National Moscato Day. It also fell on the perfect day–a warm and sunny Saturday!

I love any excuse to celebrate life with a drink, so we’ll definitely be participating! And it’s likely that the women listed below (all NeNe Leakes GIFs) will be the types of women who willingly celebrate a holiday like National Moscato Day.

Also, why wouldn’t I use the woman who came up with “Miss Moscato?”

1. The woman who thinks she knows everything about wine.

2. The woman who doesn’t know her limit.


3. The woman who drinks to keep from snapping.



4. The woman who only shows up for the snacks.


5. The woman who raves about the flavor.


6. The woman who gets angry drunk.



7. The woman who can’t wait to pour.


8. The woman who doesn’t really drink wine like that anymore.


10. The woman who says, “wine makes me giggle.”

11. The girl who uses any excuse to get drunk.

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