This Is Why Amber Rose & Blac Chyna’s Bold Fashion Statement At The VMAs Was Important

5f487520-5009-11e5-a8e1-1f91f49929bf_Blac-Chyna-Amber-Rose-MTV-VMA-sBecause feminism doesn’t look like just one thing.

Amber Rose is no stranger to controversy and making headlines. Her appearance at the MTV VMA’s was no different. She showed up with three sidekicks in tow—one of them was Tyga’s baby’s mother, Blac Chyna. Amber and Chyna have been known to show up together on red carpets in matching ensembles, but their fashion statements on MTV’s big night left many jaws hanging open. “Slut, Whore, Bitch, Stripper and Golddigger” was splattered in colorful graffiti all over these Amber and Blac Chyna’s beautiful and bodacious bodies.

Obviously, clothes make a statement and these two butt buddies (pun intended because I couldn’t resist) apparently want the world to know that they can proudly wear the labels that are continually thrown in their direction. And to that, I say, YASSSSS! Owning it is the fastest way to shushing your biggest haters.

“We basically wanted to paint a picture of what everybody already says about us,” Chyna said on the carpet while flashbulbs immortalized her bold choice.

Chyna and Amber share similar pasts–both of them were strippers who’s talents caught the attention of popular rappers. But guess what? These women used to be strippers. They are now entrepreneurs and mothers. Women are allowed to be more than one thing and we’re also allowed to be forgiven from our pasts, especially if they’re questionable.

If Amber and Chyna are being judged based on how they used to clap their butt checks together, then we should all be judged for the decisions of our past.

Amber has never hidden away from her past. She embraces it. In fact, she fondly remembers her stint as a stripper. “That was the best time of my life!” she told Cosmo in June. “Oh my god, I had so much fun. I really did. All the girls were really cool. The guys weren’t allowed to touch you. I was never sexually assaulted or [anything]. I was young, beautiful, I was onstage, I wasn’t really ashamed of my body. I made lifelong friends.”

The scale that Amber and Chyna are judged on tips heavily on the negative and it’s mostly because of where they’ve come from. How is that fair?

Amber has always celebrated other women and created a brand of feminism that allows her to be herself–a sexy mom. Of course there’s critics, but Amber boldly continues to push her message. She spearheaded a Slut Walk movement that will be taking place in Los Angeles on October 3rd. This walk will make an attempt at helping end sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling and gender inequality. Everything about her cause screams feminism, and yet the world continues to label her.

If you can’t beat them, own the labels they place on you.

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  1. it was such brave and inspiring !

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