#RelationshipGoals: I Actually Met A Good Guy


“What love life?” My friend Kerry asked, sipping on her 5th or 6th mimosa. It was a chilly Saturday afternoon and Kerry and I were catching up over drunk brunch.

I had asked Kerry about her boo status after a couple was sat right next to us. This was an over-crowded Brooklyn hotspot that served bottomless whatever you wanted for $10 extra. It was almost as if we were sitting with the couple.

“You know you have someone sniffing around!” We both laughed.

“Well, I might be Netflix and chilling later with a guy I’ve been seeing. He’s cool,” Kerry admitted. “And yours?”

I laughed before I could even speak. I was in the middle of a self-imposed drought. The men I was meeting were just not it. Aaron was still texting me, but we didn’t spent much time together (I’ll get to why in another column). I had blocked so many blasts from the pasts, I just said, “Girl, I am just out here loving me!” Even though it was true, it was still bullsh-t because I wanted something more than the men I was meeting were offering.

Kerry and I continued to drink until we’d officially been at brunch way too long — long enough to get hungry again. (I’m going to include these next details because it makes me believe in fate–you’ll see what I mean.) We walked down the block to a coffee shop that I’d walked by so many times before, but finally decided to go in. I chatted it up with the barista, because…that’s who I am and I was tipsy. I spent way too much time ordering and we laughed, took Snapchats and Kerry and I were on our way.

“What time you meeting your Netflix date?” I asked her.

“Later, like 9. Why?”

“Want to get a doughnut?” I asked, nodding towards The Doughnut Plant.

Kerry’s face lit up, “Yes!”

We walked in and there was a short line. I laughed with Kerry about the price of one doughnut being up to $4. “Gentrification, right? But, like sometimes I’m not mad. A peanut butter and jelly doughnut in the middle of Brooklyn is kinda cute.” I laughed.

There was a man in front of us trying to hold back his laughs at our conversation. He got up to the register to order his doughnut and proceeded to order 6. I looked at Kerry and said, “Ooooh he got money!” We both laughed.

He laughed, “Nah, it’s not like that.”

I said, “Yes it is! You just spent $25 on doughnuts. You like gentrification too!” I laughed.

“You’ve got a point,” He laughed. “What are you and your friend getting? I’ll take care of it.”

“Oooh, he do got money!” Kerry laughed.

We got our doughnuts and chatted with the doughnut whisperer. “Thank you. That was a really nice random act of kindness. I live for that,” I said.

“This happens to you a lot?” He asked.

“Not me!” Kerry said.

“I’ve had it happen to me a few times. On Christmas eve, a man in front of me at Starbucks gave me a gift card for my coffee. I know there’s kindness in the world, so I think I attract it,” I smiled at the doughnut stranger.

“I’m Kyle,” He put out his hand.

“Danielle,” I shook his hand. “Pleasure. And this is Kerry,” I said turning towards her. They shook hands.

Kyle and I chatted nonstop and after about two minutes, Kerry interrupted, “I”m gonna go guys.”

“Oh, I’ll head out with you,” I said to Kerry.

“No, girl, you stay. I’m headed back to Harlem for my date,” she winked at me. “Enjoy!’

Before she walked out, she mouthed to me, “He’s cute!”

And he was. He was rich chocolate, just tall enough to stand slightly over my 6′, had a gap that made me want to cuddle him (and he was always smiling), but he wasn’t the type of guy that I usually went for. So he was exactly who I needed to go for. Someone who was honest, funny, smart, ambitious and actively wanted to date. Yes please.

Kyle and I decided to sit at the doughnut shop and chat. That chat turned into a full on 4-hour conversation. Kyle and I didn’t have one dull moment. He even popped open his box and shared an exotic Yuzu doughnut with me.

Read the rest on Madame Noire!

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