Ft. Dani: I’m Starring In A New Webseries On Centric TV!

I am so excited to announce that I am part of the cast of Centric TV’s new webseries called, “The Suga Honey Iced Tea” aka The S.H.I.T.! Here’s a fun fact–I came up with the name. 😉

I was approached by the show’s producer, Cameron Ross and he’d seen my reel that I put on YouTube. I knew it was a good idea to make a reel. If you’re into comedy or anything that you get to be a personality on screen on stage, make a reel! It helps people to see you as a package.

So where were we? Yes, my package had been seen honey and I was being asked to join this cast. I was told that it was something new for Centric and it would be a pilot, but it would take some time before it was green lit, if it was green lit.

And we waited a couple of months and then all of a sudden, Cameron needed us in the studio and ready to poke fun at pop culture. It was one of those hurry up and wait situations.

Luckily for us, that week Stacey Dash had put her foot in her mouth again, asking for us to get rid of Black History Month and Black things in general. That made it easy to have a comeback. The result is the above video with myself and my cast mates (how cool is that to say), Jocelyn Bioh, Sydney Morton and Giselle Gant.

My favorite joke of mine that was left on the cutting room floor was when I said, (in my DJ Khaled voice) “They don’t want you to have Black History Month. They don’t want you to have BET. Stacey Dash is the ‘they’ DJ Khaled is talking about.”

Stay tuned for more awesome videos from “The S.H.I.T.” on Centric!


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