#RelationshipGoals: Why Is It When You Decide To Focus On Yourself Men Want You More?

man-wants-in-womanIn case you haven’t noticed, my love life is and has been a series of unfortunate events. You’ve totally noticed. Focus on yourself Danielle. That’s what I hear from all of my friends who are sick of me complaining about men.

So I’ve been doing what any person who’s had some terrible dating experiences does—getting my Julia Roberts on and eating, praying and loving—well not really.

I’m still here in America, working, paying bills and such, but I have taken time to pray, to eat—but mostly the types of things that Gwyneth Paltrow eats. I’ve been going to the gym, meditating and focusing in on what I want out of life and love.

I was only a few weeks in to my personal quest to find myself while on the treadmill at the gym. I was 15 minutes in and clearly ready to get off—fully huffing and puffing, sweat dripping and music blasting in my ears.

One of the gym’s trainer walked up to my machine and stood in front of me as I huffed and puffed. He smiled and mouthed something. I took out my headphones, about to tell him I’m not interested in training and he reached out his hand.

“I’m DJ,” he said as he took my hand in his. Expectedly, it was strong and in control.

“Danielle,” I said as politely as possible as DJ was interrupting my workout.

“The pleasure is mine,” DJ said still holding my sweaty hand.

I slipped my hand from his grasp.

DJ proceeded to talk to me about my fitness goals and at the end of his sales pitch, he offered me a free training session. I decided to take him up on the offer. It perfectly fit into my new focus on me, so I signed up.

DJ emailed me to set up the session. I replied, “Thanks! See you Saturday!”

On Friday, I slipped down the stairs and sprained my ankle. My doctor told me to rest it and elevate it and said it would take at least six weeks to fully heal. I emailed DJ to let him know I had to stay off my ankle for the next month and a half and I’d just have to see him after that.

DJ’s immediate response was concern and then he told me that he was bummed because he not only wanted to train me, but he was interested in me also.

We started messaging each other back and forth.

Me: So that’s how you get ‘em, huh? You bait and hook them with training and then you go in for the kill?

Him: Haha! No, I don’t have to be sleazy to get a girl. I approached you to train you because that’s just what I do. I approached you in general because you’re hot. So hot. I couldn’t help it. Either way, I wanted to have you in some way.

Me: Pouring it on a little thick, huh?

Him: Pouring it on a lot honest is what I’m doing.

Slowly, DJ and I started flirting everyday. Every morning, he’d text me soon after he’d trained his first client, “Good morning beautiful.” And throughout the day we’d check in, flirting harder with each passing text.

Me: So is this business or pleasure?

Him: I’m hoping it’s both.

Read the rest on Madame Noire!

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