#RelationshipGoals: Could I Truly Be With A Man With 3 Kids?

16daddy600Continued from #RelationshipGoals: The Wonders Of Falling In Love For The Night

I know many of you are wondering: Did Thomas ever use that number? He did.

If you remember from the last column, I met Thomas at a bar where he worked. He told me that he’s the father of three children and that he co-parents those kids with their mother. I’m typically turned off from men with children, especially if there are multiple kids, but with Thomas I was intrigued because there was so much maturity. He didn’t talk slick about his baby’s mother, nor did he abandon his kids. I respected that.

But I also had to understand dating a man with kids isn’t easy; I’ve done it before. No matter how long you’re together, you’ll always be reminded that those children are not yours and depending on the mother, there’s usually some type of drama or disdain, no matter how pleasant you are. I just prefer to avoid that added component of difficulty in my relationships. It’s already hard enough nurturing the relationship, but adding multiple relationships into said relationship is a set of obstacles I’d rather not deal with. But Thomas had a bit of a hold on me–I was feeling him, so I ignored my self-mandated limitations.

When I pulled away from Thomas’ kiss, I told him that I’d be back after the next stop that my friends were dragging me to–more dancing.

“I’ll be counting the seconds,” Thomas smiled down at me.

“That’s a lot of seconds,” I slurred my speech.

He squeezed my hand and dropped it when he had to continue to check ID’s.

I stumbled away from the bar and from Thomas. At the new location, I danced like I was being paid to. And then, before I knew it, my stomach churned and I followed my instincts to find the nearest bathroom.

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